About Me

 Eco printing is my passion

I have a background in Photography and have a need to be creative, I love texture, design and comfortable natural fabrics that are cool in summer and warm in winter.

 I became fascinated with the art of printing textiles with plants, obtaining the colour and print from the plants themselves, results depend on so many factors, like the water, the soil and the amount of sun they receive, the underneath of a leaf gives a different print to the topside of the leaf.  

The unbundling of the cloth is so exciting as you can never tell how it will turn out, its a wow moment every time and gives me huge satisfaction in creating something that I know people will enjoy wearing and at the same time being kind to the planet.

I am happy with the fact that it is slow fashion and very sustainable, it is a long process so teaches one to slow down as some things you just can't hurry.

  Regards Jane