Slow stitched

Slow stitching is where there are no patterns or plans for the thread, its a time to

let your mind go and let your hands lead.

I was honoured to be asked by Marutsca from the Seychelles, to decorate one of her pure linen gowns in which ever way I want. She has given 10 gowns worldwide to decorate and these will be used to launch her new linen range.

The journey

I start by foraging what I need, and in this case it was Black Wattle logs which I boil for approximately 2 hours and then leave over night or longer to draw the colour from the wood.

I then dip the fabric which I have soaked in soya milk ( but wasn’t really necessary as the black wattle has natural tannin in it) into the pot of cooled and strained water. I dipped the fabric about two thirds into the black wattle and then dipped the bottom section in a rusty water which changes the colour to a dark grey.

Once done hang up in the shade to dry and leave for a couple of days to cure.

Next Stage, slow stitch

I wash the fabric in pH neutral soap, i.e. Woolite or even baby shampoo, rinse and hang in the shade again, the sun will fade the colour after time, as it will any fabric.

Once dry I start to slow stitch the fabric, I chose the 3 colours of the fabric to stitch, it has taken me 3 months on and off to complete, but at least a couple of hour a day.

The Final

This has been a wonderful opportunity, and slow stitch is a form of therapy which calms the mind.

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